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What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.


What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.


What does your company offer that will improve or solve a problem? Explain the pain point being alleviated.

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Become the Leader

Your Team – and the World – Urgently Needs Now

Our turbulent world can’t wait any longer for insightful, creative and emotionally intelligent leaders to step forward. We need you now!

In this time of collective shock and trauma, humanity hungers for leaders at every level who have the ability to tap into the “highest and best” in themselves, as well as the “highest and best” in others.

We need emotionally brave souls who can lead the way forward with vulnerability and courage, humility and positivity.

Don’t think you’re ready?

Well, here’s the secret. No one is!

But what will end up separating you as a true leader from those who follow the herd will be if you choose to respond to this crisis as if it were the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

If that’s what you’re ready to do, I’ve got some good news. There’s an entire science devoted to high performance, which harnesses the power of human emotion on body, behavior, and beliefs. The positive practice of emotional intelligence is the bedrock for critical relationship skills — it impacts everything you feel, say, and do each day.

Did you know that two-thirds of your ability to lead well comes from your emotional intelligence? It’s the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace and it’s the strongest driver of excellence in leadership and in every area of life.

Right now we urgently need leaders who can reduce risk and expand possibilities by creating safe emotional space.

People are hurting, confused and are hunkering down while they’re trying to heal. It’s your job to help them pivot from fear and transform stress into unshakable faith – faith in their own strengths and the superpowers that emerge from purposeful, worthwhile collaboration.

The question is, how are you supposed to do that when your own mental well being is stretched to the limits?

The answer is simple:

Learn key components of emotional intelligence & implement them into the 

Practice of Positive Leadership

I’d like to introduce you to the amazing evidence-based discoveries from the field of “Applied Positive Psychology,” (aka the Science of Happiness).

I’m eager to show you how to:

  • Outsmart your genetically determined “Happiness Set Point”
  • Be a more expansive and inclusive leader
  • Open up to compassion and lead with love
  • Unleash the psychological capital that lives inside each one of us – hope, optimism,
    resilience and confidence
  • Turn on the “Chemistry of Calm”
  • Build Resilience
  • Make space for the “better angels of your nature” to speak up
  • Increase your “positivity to negativity ratio” to elevate high performance more than 30%

…And inspire up to 300% more innovation

And goodness knows, we NEED that now!

I’m JoAnna Brandi. I’m an author, speaker, consultant, workshop facilitator, happiness coach and online course creator. I want to open the door to a new way of BEing for you as a leader in this crazy, confusing new world we find ourselves in.

After 16 years as one of Dr. Martin Seligman’s “Authentic Happiness” Coaches, and 30 years of
teaching organizations how to create and retain happy customers and employees, I’m prouder
than ever to be a Certified Chief Happiness Officer.

Now, it’s time for me to share with you the wisdom I’ve gained in working with thousands of
smart, successful team leaders, HR managers, and CEOs as they learned to use the “Science of
Happiness” to:

  • Motivate their people…
  • Create customer care excellence…
  • Activate their positivity to increase their profitability
  • Enjoy the benefits of the positive “spillover effect” they create with families, vendors, and communities.

In 25-minutes I’ll coach you to taking the first steps necessary to achieve the many benefits of happiness at work especially in these crazy, unheard-of and ever-so complicated times.

To start, I’d love to know more about YOU – in fact, I’d like to know the best of who you are, because once I know the best of who you are and what your desires are:

I can help guide you to become the kind of exceptional leader you know you are destined to be

The first step of any positive leadership practice is to look within - to discover and uncover how you want to BE as a leader. 

I’m here to support you as you take the courageous journey
inward and the brave journey outward to move your vision and your leadership to the next level.

100% Safe Space for Leadership Growth GUARANTEE!

Join me for a complimentary 25-minute excursion to visit the leader you are becoming.

During our time together we’ll focus on using your strengths to move from surviving to thriving as you overcome the aftermath of this crisis. We’ll use a well-validated assessment tool to look at how well – and how often – you are using your ‘signature strengths.’ Because, when you work from your strengths with an eye on your vision, you work with less effort and strain, your performance accelerates as you enter the state of “flow” where you lose track of time and reach the upper levels of your creativity.

And as a thank you, after your session I will share “The 21 BE Attitudes of Positive Leaders” a special report I recently complied in response to what is now the biggest challenge of our lifetimes as leaders – rebooting a post Covid-19 world.

If you’re ready to accept this offer click on the button below to choose the most convenient time for your personal one-to-one Positive Leadership Coaching session with me, JoAnna Brandi.

P.S. Look, I know it’s scary as hell out there.

What we’re dealing with right now is the fear of the unknown. We’re feeling all our negative emotions deeply, and without the right tools to keep anxiety, uncertainty, depression and despair at bay – we might find ourselves victims of these troubled times.

Which is exactly why people need leaders who can adapt their mission to include the creation of the “Chemistry of Calm,” build “Psychological Capital,” safeguard positive emotional spaces, and encourage their teams with positivity and the “Science of Happiness.”

Schedule My FREE Coaching Call

Your job as a leader changed overnight. And I’m here to help you answer the challenge, develop the support system you need, and BE-come the kind of leader humanity desperately needs.

Are You Ready?

Say YES to this no-risk, no-sales high value session now

Schedule My FREE Coaching Call

This means that I guarantee that this will be a valuable period of time for you. For 25-minutes we will discuss YOU:

✓ Your 5 signature strengths

✓ Your opportunity for growth and improvement

✓ Your biggest challenge

✓ How to implement parts of Positive Leadership into your daily routine, especially during these troubled times.

25-minutes. No sales. Just support. Just top-of-the-line coaching. Just Positive Leadership.

Just YOU!

This is the place where breakthroughs happen!

I’m here to guide you and witness you as you step into how you want to BE. This experience is not a thinly veiled sales call. It’s time for you. It’s a breather from the usual.

It’s a safe space where the “Mastery in me” will witness the “Mastery in you” and gently invite
you to expand your vision of yourself and how you choose to BE as a leader. We will record the
session so you can hear that vision often and grow into it gracefully.

BONUS Gift!     

Schedule My FREE Coaching Call

Now’s the best time there’s ever been to make your mark as an exceptional leader.

f you're ready to reboot and pivot to become the kind of leader humanity urgently needs –right now – please schedule a 25-minute complimentary Positive Leadership Coaching session with me, and start growing into the best version of you.

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